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C2RMF / Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France

14 quai François Mitterrand
Palais du Louvre Porte des Lions
75001 Paris, France

The Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musée de France (C2RMF) is the national research centre in France responsible for the documentation, conservation and restoration of the items held in the collections of more than 1,200 museums across France. C2RMF also carries out extensive scientific studies and data recording for these collections, and is active both nationally and internationally in the field of cultural heritage conservation and analysis. The C2RMF is involved in the development of technologies and scientific procedures employed in the preservation of art works and artefacts, both on its own and in partnership with other museums and research institutions across the world.

STARC-CyI / Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center, the Cyprus Institute


The Cyprus Institute
Athalassa Campus
Guy Ourisson Building
P.O. Box 27456
Nicosia 1645, Cyprus

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is a non-profit, non-governmental research and educational institution with a scientific and technological orientation. The Cyprus Institute comprises several cross-disciplinary research centers, including the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC). STARC is devoted to the development, introduction and use of advanced science and technologies in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Its research activities aim towards the enhancement of knowledge regarding the Cultural Heritage of the region, through new ways of reasoning with information technologies, natural and material sciences.

STACHEM / Science and Technology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean

FP7-Capacities : research infrastructures

The goal of this project is to contribute to a regional strategic plan for research infrastructures devoted to archaeological sciences and digital heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean, and simultaneously to support and complement the design and planning process of STARC, ensuring that it is embedded in the said strategy, closely adapted to the regional needs and integrated in the Euro-Mediterranean environment of archaeological sciences and digital heritage. The outcomes of the STACHEM project will include suggestions for joint trans-national activities, based on the exploration of opportunities for synergies and coordination, as well as a user-led assessment of needs, guidelines for good practices and directions for further infrastructure development.

Din l-Art Helwa (Malta)


The mission of Din l-Art Helwa (Malta) is: 

  • to promote interest in the preservation and protection of historic buildings and monuments, of places of natural beauty and features and the animal and plant life of such places, and of the character of our towns and villages, especially in relation to the problems arising from modern urban development; 
  • to educate the public in general, especially young people, about the importance of our cultural heritage;
  • to stimulate the enforcement of existing laws and the enactment of new ones for the preservation and protection of our natural, architectural and artistic heritage;
  • to lead by example and take on projects of restoration and repair of buildings of historical value which have been neglected or vandalised;
  • to hold properties in trust, on loan, lease or management agreement, or other suitable terms, and to ensure the conservation of such property for its enjoyment by the public and for the benefit of the nation;
  • to maintain a watchdog role and lobby the authorities for the protection of the landscape and the rich architectural and artistic legacy of the nation.

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